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The Funky Mama Collection

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Pearl Pelle Nera

Pearl Nera
Tracolla in pelle nere. Tonda 23,5 cm di diametro circa. All'interno, cucita sulla fodera, una targhetta in pelle colorata con la scritta ...zzi miei. Non è possibile scegliere il colore della targhetta, arriva a sorpresa.Made in ItalyLeggi le condizioni di vendita e informative precontrattuali 
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Funky Mama Collection is a concept full of shapes, colours and materials strictly made in Italy.

Created by Justine Romano, this store has one simple aim: free the inspiration and expression of a mind that is constantly ticking, a mind that oftentimes wonders in the clouds but one that has great ambitions for life on the ground, for her and those who follow her on this journey.

You’ll come across this concept in the form of an online store, but also in the form of a thought, a statement, a wild dance or a beautiful run in the rain.

Funky Mama Friends

Funky Mama & Bezpen Vol 2

Bezpen is located near Porta Romana in Milan and has recently started stocking some of our items. We still remain an online shop mainly, therefore we can’t guarantee you will find all our online products in the store. However, we do guarantee you might find some special items you did not expect to find. Have a wonder and get lost in this beautiful and eclectic store run by our friend Elisabetta.

Find out more

Click here to find out more about Bezpen and Elisabetta’s story on our blog post on the store.


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